Ornella Amichetti

Yoga  Instructor


Hi, I am Ornella and I am here to hold a space which enables you to connect with tranquility, mindful living, nature and to your own Self.

Join me in my group Hatha, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra practises, in a stress and anxiety release workshop, sound journey private or group ses​sions or by booking a private shamanic drum session.

With so much movement in my life, an insaciable hunger and thirst for knowledge and experiences, I moved, visited many places and experienced its highs and lows. At one of these lows, I hit breakpoint and I had no choice: it was either growing and evolving changing and completely questioning, deconstructing and rebuilding my lifestyle or staying in that very dark place.


When I took the leap to change and the compromise to myself, the path started to open itself as I walked. New friendships and teachers appeared and continue to do, since this is for me, gladly, a path of no-return.


From this experience I developed a resilience, optimism and flexibility I never thought I had. Having learnt how to deal with my own pain, anxiety, panic and traumatic experiences, I decided to fully commit myself to my Yoga journey and to share all everything that helped me in my journey.


Overall, many years Yoga has been and is my anchor, it has increasingly shown me a path to a more fulfilled, grounded and conscious life. It will be my pleasure to guide, support or just be present with you on part of your journey.


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